TE-SL6087-NV08C — отладочный модуль GLONASS/GSM

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Июл 252011

Модуль TE-SL6087-NV08C может быть использован для  знакомства с технологиями GSM/GPRS/EDGE/GLONASS/GPS, отработки приемов управления GSM-модулем с помощью AT-команд и для разработки законченных навигационно-связных систем слежения за подвижными объектами. Отладочный модуль TE-SL6087-NV08C позволяет определить текущие координаты, вектор скорости и текущее время по сигналам глобальных навигационных систем GLONASS, GPS, GALILEO, COMPASS, SBAS и передать эти данные через GSM-сеть с помощью технологий GSM(CSD), GPRS/EDGE, SMS.

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Фев 192011
GPS Module — EM-406A
New improved GPS Module with built-in antenna and memory back-up for OEM and hobbyists projects. This unit features low power consumption, high sensitivity. The unit is ideal for navigation systems, distance measurements, vehicle monitoring and recording, boating direction and location, together with hiking and cross country exploring.This module includes high precision surface mount technology to provide both high accuracy and very compact size. The module can be easily installed on a main board, with all inputs using standard TTL signal levels. A series of standard NMEA format messages are provided to give position, satellite information, time, etc. The module can be easily connected directly to a microcontroller to display and record this information.Develop your own GPS navigation system or connect to a pocket pc for a low cost navigation system. Use in the car or boat for trip recording and distance to destination information. The possibilities are endless with this easy to use GPS module.
Part Code: GPS_EM-406A

  • SiRF Star III high performance GPS Chipset
  • Very high sensitivity (Tracking Sensitivity: -159dBm)
  • Extremely fast TTFF (Tiem To First Fix) at low signal level
  • Supports NMEA 0183 data protocol
  • Built-in SuperCap to save system data for rapid satellite acquisition
  • Built-in patch antenna
  • Acquisition Time, cold start 42 seconds
  • Includes Connecting Cable
  • Power Supply — 5Vdc
  • TTL Level Output Voltage 0 — 2.85V
  • Dimensions: Length — 30mm , Width — 30mm, Height — 10mm

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