Янв 282022

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Подключение модуля SSR Version 1.0 (PDF)

DipTrace Schematic.3-SSR-V1.0

MCP23008-E/SO, 8-битный расширитель порта ввода/вывода

backlog sensor29 0,5,0; sensor29 1,5,0; sensor29 2,5,0
backlog sensor29 3,2,1; sensor29 4,2,1; sensor29 5,2,1

backlog SetOption36 0;SetOption65 1;wificonfig 4; SetOption59 1; TelePeriod 150; TimeZone +3

SetOption36 0 – 0 Disable boot loop control
SetOption65 1 – 1 Disable – Device recovery using fast power cycle detection
SetOption59 1 – 1 Enable Send tele/%topic%/STATE in addition to stat/%topic%/RESULT for commands: State, Power and any command causing a light to be turned on.
wificonfig 4 = Retry other AP without rebooting (default)




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